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Vaticano pede Ética no Mercado Financeiro Global

A Economia precisa da moral...Vídeo da Rome Reports.

September 29, 2011. (Romereports.com) The Vatican's secretary for external relations, Dominique Mamberti, addressed the UN general assembly saying that the world economy was lacking a code of ethics.

Arch. Dominique Mamberti
Secretary for External Relations

“Ethics is not an external element to the economy and the economy has no future if it has no moral element: in other words, the ethical dimension is crucial to tackle the economic problems.”

The Vatican secretary also noted that a lack of responsibility and morality in today's economy leaves an unfair burden on future generations.

Arch. Dominique Mamberti
Secretary for External Relations

“The economy therefore needs ethics in order to function properly, not any ethics whatsoever, but an ethics centered on the person and able to offer prospects for new generations.”

This speech is the latest development in a string of warnings by the Vatican calling for a revision of the global finance system in order fix any unfair distortions.

The secretary's speech was heard by different members of the UN general assembly, however the Vatican is only a permanent observer at the organization and holds no voting powers when it comes to resolutions.

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