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Bancos Chineses Ficam Gigantescos e seus Riscos Também

Os três maiores bancos do mundo são chineses e eles estão gigantescos, os ativos desses bancos ultrapassaram em valor os ativos dos bancos europeus e dos bancos dos EUA.

Os números dos banco chineses chegam a limites nunca imaginados e seus riscos também. O mundo morre de medo deles, caso entrem em alguma espiral problemática.

O site The Week escreveu um ótimo artigo descrevendo-os.

Aqui vai uma parte do texto:

Lots of things are bigger in China: the population, the IPOs, the electrical dams, the Starbucks, even the mosquitos. Turns out the banks are bigger too.
The three largest banks in the world are all Chinese. The country's banking sector hit $35 trillion early this year — roughly 3.1 times the size of China's annual GDP. It overtook the eurozone's banking assets of $31 trillion — 2.8 times the eurozone's GDP — in late 2016. And it leapfrogged America's banks — $16 trillion in assets — back in 2010.

How did that happen? And should the rest of the world be worried about its gargantuan scale?

A lot of Western financial reporting has been nervously eyeing China's banks for several years now. When we talk about bank assets, a lot of that is loans made to households and companies. And China's banks built up their assets by lending like crazy over the last decade. If you add up the country's household, corporate, and government debt, the ratio of the total compared to GDP is roughly equivalent to America or Britain. But the speed with which China arrived at this point is kind of astounding.

Richard Vague, a former bank CEO and the chair of The Governor's Woods Foundation, told The Week that, just since 2008, China has seen "the largest growth in private debt in the history of the world."
You couldn't blame anyone for wondering if that pace of lending is sustainable.

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