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China constrói uma Manhattan Fantasma

O site da Bloomberg relata que a China anda construindo uma cópia da Manhattan novaiorquina. O detalhe é quem ninguém mora ou trabalha por lá, é simplesmente construção por construção. Como diz um analista, as construções de prédios de moradia e escritório são apenas dinheiro jogado no lixo.

Leiam abaixo:

China Builds Its Own Manhattan -- Except It's a Ghost Town.
China´s project to build a replica Manhattan is taking shape against a backdrop of vacant office towers and unfinished hotels, underscoring the risks to a slowing economy from the nation’s unprecedented investment boom.
The skyscraper-filled skyline of the Conch Bay district in the northern port city of Tianjin has none of a metropolis’s bustle up close, with dirt-covered glass doors and cosntruction on some edifices halted. The area’s failure to attract tenants since the first building was finished in 2010 bodes ill across the Hai River for the separate Yujiapu development, which is modeled on New York´s Manhattan and remains in progress.
“Investing here won’t be better than throwing money into the water,” Zhang Zhihe, 60, said during a visit to the area last week from neighboring Hebei province to look at potential commercial-property investments. “There will be no way out -- it will be very difficult to find the next buyer.”
The deserted area underscores the challenge facing China’s leaders in dealing with the fallout from a record credit-fueled investment spree while sustaining growth and jobs in the world’s second-biggest economy. A Tianjin local-government financing vehicle connected to the developments said revenue fell 68 percent in 2013 to an amount that’s less than one-third of debt due this year.
Já são conhecidas as cidades fantasmas da China feitas para sustentar taxas de crescimento econômico, e não para se morar. O projeto Manhattan é apenas mais um exemplo. O crescimento econômico da China é a grande variável política, nenhum país joga tanto dinheiro fora.

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