quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013

Escola de Economia Civil

Hoje, eu vejo no site da Rome Reports o lançamento da Escola de Economia Civil da Fundação Chiara Lubic. Na reportagem é dito que a escola faz parte do Movimento Focolare e a ideia é ensinar uma economia em que o florescimento da humanidade seja o objetivo. Isto é, estimula-se a humanização da economia e não a economia voltada para o lucro egoísta. O texto da Escola diz que não se opõe ao mercado ou ao estado, mas procura uni-los na luz da Doutrina Social da Igreja.

Não há nenhuma palavra no texto da Rome Reports ou na Escola sobre Distributismo, mas fiquei muito interessado. Vejam vídeo e o texto abaixo da Rome Reports.

September 3, 2013. (Romereports.com) Is it possible to have an economy that's not based on numbers, statistics or markets? It may seem impossible, but it's the dream of the Focolare movement and it welcomes the challenge. To achieve this, they have launched a School of Civil Economy which is an educational and research center dedicated to humanizing the economy.  

Lead Columnist Il Sole24Ore
“It's a very concrete initiative, to create a new reality that will be a reference or at least it hopes to be a reference in the economic debate and in the in-depth study of the economy as a subject.

The Focolare School of Civil Economy is near the italian city of Florence, and it will begin its classes in the upcoming months. Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare movement, always wanted a place where the economy of unity could be taught. An economy not based in merchandise but in solidarity. 

School of Civil Economics
It's a vision of the economy that is born from biodiversity: from uniting saints with humanists and Christian with Jewish roots....that is civil humanism. FLASH Civil Economy is not an industrial subject, it's a small piece of life where humanity, with all its passion and wishes is reflected.”

Even though it's leader-oriented, the Focolare School of Civil Economy is not a business school. It's a center dedicated to those with an interest in economy and want  to use it to improve society through ethical principles. It's an idea that was expressed by Pope Francis himself: to build a new economic system that doesn't revolve around monetary profits.

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