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Desonestidade em Harvard Triplica

O lema das Universidade de Harvard é "Veritas" (verdade). Mas acho que os alunos (Às vezes com apoio dos professores) não estão seguindo o lema. 

Eu conheço casos célebres de plágio em uma universidade federal, os não célebres devem ser centenas. Nas universidades particulares brasileiras, acho que a desonestidade (plágio ou cola) é a norma.

Academic Dishonesty on the Rise at Harvard

Posted by     Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 8:00am

2012-2013 Ad Board Stats Reflect Three-Fold Spike in Academic Dishonesty Cases

Administrative Board statistics detailing the outcomes of cases heard by the disciplinary body in the last academic year show that, as expected, the number of students required to temporarily withdraw from the College for academic dishonesty was more than three times higher than the number in 2011-2012.
According to the statistics, released Friday on the Ad Board’s website afterrepeated requests from The Crimson, 97 students involved in academic integrity cases were required to withdraw in 2012-2013, the year that saw Harvard’s largest cheating investigation in recent memory.
Roughly 70 of those 97 students, according to previous statements from administrators, were implicated in the Government 1310 cheating scandal, in which about 125 students were accused of plagiarizing or inappropriately collaborating on the course’s final take-home exam.
This would mean that about 27 students outside of the Gov 1310 case were required to withdraw for academic dishonesty last year, a number consistent with the previous academic year, in which 26 students were required to withdraw in academic dishonesty cases.
The number of students who were placed on disciplinary probation due to academic dishonesty also rose to 31 in 2012-2013, compared to only 16 students in 2011-2012. Administrators have previously said that about half of the students implicated in the Gov 1310 case who were not required to withdraw were placed on probation. In 2012-2013, the Ad Board took no action in 14 academic dishonesty cases, compared to just one in 2011-2012.

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